Travel Patterns / Revealed

Travel Patterns / Screenshot

Travel Patterns / Screenshot


This Processing application has the purpose of revealing travel patterns for Disabled Freedom Pass holders (DFPH) and comparing them to non-disabled Oyster card users (NDOCU). When launched, on the left half of the screen, the application shows trips as lines from a station to another throughout each minute of each day of a week. The trips have different coloring, with red representing DFPH trips and white representing DFPH.

On the right half of the screen, seven graphs are plotted, representing the days of the week from Sunday to Saturday. The length of the vertical lines of the graph represents the load of the tube at each time step. Again, the white lines represent NDOCU and the red DFPH. As the week progresses, we clearly see that the white lines have notable peaks during the morning and afternoon rush hours, whereas the red lines have no peaks. This is likely because people with limited mobility may have a tendency to avoid use of the Underground if other options are available to them, particularly during peak times, and as indicated in the data, 83.9% of DFPH trips are made on London Transport Buses.

The app is interactive, and by hovering the mouse over each station, the user can see the name of the station, whether the station is accessible or not, and two line-graphs. One shows the load of the station compared to the mean load of all stations (thus, its popularity) for DFPH and NDOCU. These graphs help us understand how much a station is actually used, also compared to its general load of passengers. Finally, another two options are added, where the user can choose to show all step-free access stations, or all stations ranked according to their total load of passengers (where the radius of each circle represents the percentage).


p.s.: there will soon follow a github link to the code

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